NewTom 3D CT Scanner

The NewTom VG uses Cone Beam technology, (also known as CBCT – Cone Beam Computed Tomography) a technology that takes up to 600 images as it rotates around your head, compiling an extremely detailed 3D image of your jaw. The NewTom VG’s revolutionary flat panel X-ray achieves the clearest, sharpest images available, ensuring the most accurate results. The NewTom VG produces a full scan in less than 5 seconds, using 20-50 times less radiation than a typical CT scan. The NewTom VG also utilizes SafeBeam technology, which automatically adjusts the radiation level per the patient’s size and age, activating the X-ray only when it is needed, using 40% less radiation on small children than adults for a typical scan. The NewTom cone beam 3D imaging system is one of the safest and most accurate imaging systems available today.