Silent Sleep Oral Appliance, Mansfield TX

Silent Sleep Oral Appliance

The Silent Sleep™ Oral Appliance can be used:

  • To treat snoring
  • To treat obstructive sleep apnea
  • To treat bruxism
  • To test patient’s response to and compliance of oral appliance therapy
  • Temporarily while a custom appliance is being fabricated
  • As a spare appliance while traveling or camping
  • A as a CPAP alternative while traveling or camping
  • As a long-term appliance when a custom appliance is not an option
  • On patients with orthodontics (the Silent Sleep™ may be relined as often as necessary to allow the orthodontic movement to occur)
  • As a sports mouth guard

Mansfield Family Dentistry Offers Silent SleepThe Silent Sleep™ oral appliance consists of a one piece tray system which is customized to the patient’s teeth using GC Reline™, a chair-side vinyl polysiloxane.

The Silent Sleep is fit to the posterior teeth of the patient while the patient protrudes their lower jaw slightly. This slight protrusion, and the limiting of posterior movement of the mandible during sleep, helps to maintain a patent oropharyngeal airway and thus reduce snoring and/or obstructive sleep apnea in patients who respond to this type of appliance.